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Our Services

Gabera provides software engineering and consultancy services to global enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as IT companies. We help businesses design and develope products and services fast and cost-effectively.

Custom Software Development

PoC Development, Prototyping

App Development

Web Development

Mobile Development

Software Archtiecture

Low-code / no-code

Quality Assurance & Support

Functional Testing

Automated Testing

Support after Go-Life

Platform Engineering

DallaDalla is our state-of-the art  inhouse-built software development platform (in progress) merging low-code and traditional hand-coding.

Next-Gen Technologies & Innovation

We explore bleeding-edge technologies, such as AI-powered software development and machine learning.

Business Analysis & Advisory



Product Development

Big Data

Technical Audit


IT Staffing Solutions

Managed Service Provider

IT Staff Augmentation

On-Demand Expert Training

On-Demand Recruiting

Free, open-source Software

Custom software for schools, hospitals and other social causes.



Platform Engineering

DallaDalla development platform is a fast way to build robust business apps of any complexity. DallaDalla is our inhouse-built, ready-to-use software development platform that merges the speed of visual software development with the flexibility of traditional hand-coding. It offers seamless integration with your current ecosystem.

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