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Our leadership team

We are an experienced and diverse team, complementing each other. Our team is full of different personalities, minus the ego. 


Founder, CEO and CTO

Issaka Ardaly

Issaka is the driving force and visionary behind Gabera, blending his passion for technology with dedication to catalyzing positive societal change. Drawing on 17 years of expertise as a cybersecurity and big data specialist and software architect in demanding management and leaderhsip positions, he steers the company's business and technical vision. Issaka not only provides leadership, mentorship, and support to various teams, he also fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Issaka cultivate strong relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, and partners. Besides Gabera, he works also as the Head of Cybersecurity at Witron Group in Germany, a global leader in intralogistics with 6'000 employees and customers like Walmart and BMW. He gained professional experience in Germany, Liechtenstein/Switzerland and Niger in the logistics industry and the financial sec and holds a Master in IT Security & Forensics.

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Co-Founder & Head of Customer Success

Rubén Schoch

Rubén is key to ensuring that Gabera delivers a high-quality experience to its customers, overseeing customer support, feedback mechanisms, and product quality control. Known for his dedication to customer success, he adeptly nurtures relationships with both clients and partners. He dedicates a significant portion of his time to coaching our engineering team and IT project managers on understanding business requirements and adopting a customer-centric perspective in product development. With a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, he has thirteen years of extensive management and team leadership experience in the banking and finance sectors.

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Board Member & HR Specialist

Nadja Demont

Nadja is our HR and Learning & Training Specialist, instrumental in cultivating a people-centric, warm, and professional work culture that maximizes individuals' potential. She possesses a creative flair and superb communication skills, continually discovering innovative approaches to problem-solving and finding new ways of doing things. Nadja has over 15 years of experience working in human resource and marketing positions with a proven track record of excellent people and organisations skills in providing high-level support to C-level executives.

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Co-Founder & COO

Alice Nägele

Alice's main focus is making sure Gabera has a caring and high-performance work culture, while upholding business excellence. She allocates her time between cultivating partnership relations and overseeing daily operations, providing leadership and guidance to the human resource, L&D, finance, public relation and communication teams. You'll usually find her refining processes, promoting internal work culture, finding new ways to grow and improve the company and engaging with partners and customers. After having studied law in Vienna and Paris, Alice worked at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Vienna, clerked at the Supreme Court in Israel, and co-initiated several non-profits and social impact startups in Israel/Palestine and Kenya in peace-buildling, financial inclusion, education, and tourism. Alongside Gabera, she currently works also at the Association for Public-Benefit Foundations and Trusts (VLGST) in Liechtenstein.

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Board Member & IT Specialist

Philipp Sele

With his industry experience, analytical mindset, and warm, humorous approach, Philipp offers invaluable strategic and operational insighs to both the executive board and the IT Team, presenting fresh perspectives in an encouraging and positive manner. Beyond Gabera, Philipp works as a software developer at Aviita in Liechtenstein and holds a Diploma in Engineering (HF) in Computer Science.

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Board Member, Co-Founder

Seifeddine Ounaies

With his outgoing and warm personality, intercultural sensitivity, and proficiency in multiple languages (French, German, Arabic, English), Seifeddine is ideally suited to serve as Gabera's Cultural Integration Officer in our On-Demand Recruiting Program for international companies who wish to tap into IT talent pools in West Africa. He aids our clients in Germany during the onboarding process of new African employees, fostering their social integration within both the company and the broader society. Building bridges between people of different backgrounds, Seifeddine helps our team in Niger uderstanding the world of work on international construction sites and European companies. Besides Gabera, Seifeddine works as IT Project Support Manager at Witron Logistik + Informatik GmbH in Germany and holds a diploma in engineering.

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