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Pioneering Circular Migration Model: Empowering Talents in Niger for Global Impact

We are proud to launch our customized PLC Technician training program in Niger, crafted together with our esteemed client, Witron Logistik + Informatik GmbH in Germany. This initiative represents a bespoke talent solution, designed to train 20 Nigerien post-graduates in advanced PLC techniques. In partnership with l’Ecole de Mines et de la Géologie/EMIG in Niger, we are poised to deliver a program that combines global expertise with local ingenuity.

Empowering Post-Graduates with Advanced PLC Expertise

Our program is designed to equip post-graduates with advanced skills in PLC technology, ensuring they are adept at managing complex automation systems. Through practical applications, participants will be prepared to excel in the dynamic field of industrial automation.

Local Expertise, Global Impact: A Partnership with EMIG in Niger

In partnership with EMIG, we are equipping Nigerien talents to excel as specialized PLC technicians.

Roots in Niger, Impact Worldwide

Our innovative approach involves establishing a circular migration model, where skilled specialists work on Witron's international construction projects. These experts maintain their residency in Niger and periodically return to impart their knowledge to the upcoming generation of talented individuals.

A Win-Win for All Stakeholders

This Circular Migration Model is an embodiment of mutual benefit. Witron gains access to a pool of highly-trained specialists, Niger experiences an economic upswing, and, the aspiring talents of the nation receive world-class training and work opportunities.


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