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Software development is teamwork. We are a team of people who do what they love. Our interdisciplinary and diverse team is characterized by in-depth industry expertise, drive and customer-focused action.

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Issaka Ardaly
Dipl. Ing. FH

Master IT Security & Forensik

IT Specialist with over 12+ years of experience in information security and digital forensics. Expert with a wide variety of security, engineering and operating system software. Master in IT Security & Forensics.

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Rubén Schoch
BA in Business Administration

IT Business Analyst
Business Analyst with 11+ years track record analyzing business intelligence in software development in the 
banking industry. Strong leadership, staff development and customer service skills.


Flavio Di Nicola
BSc. FHO Business Administration

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
6 years of management and leadership experience in the finance and real estate industry, with a focus on driving operations within business development and human resources. 

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Seifeddine Ounaies

Consultation & Sales
IT project manager with focus on customer service in the warehouse industry. 6+ years of experience in warehouse software and automating and optimising warehouse logistics.

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Alice Nägele
Mag. iur.

Communication Officer
17 years of experience in communication, marketing and organisational development. Proven abilities to build and develop organisations in East Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Master’s degree in law.

Team Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Our Swiss team has many years of experience in software development and consulting, especially in the finance and logistics sector. They advise customers in a transparent manner and in a spirit of partnership.

Team Niamey, Niger, West Africa 

At our second location in Niamey, Niger, West Africa, our motivated West African top talents develop high-quality software - under the leadership and supervision of our software architects and project managers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Lantana Oumarou

Master in IT

Recruiting & Talent Officer 

Coming soon

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Zeinab Jacob
Master in Currency Finance Banking

Head of Finance

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Kader Issa Goulbi
Master in Software Engineering
and Information System

Software Engineer 
Scrum Master

Strong skills in web and mobile development. Experience in managing IT projects and teams of up to 25 people.

Abel Agbedekpui
License in Software Engineering Development.

HR Manager
Dynamic Full-Stack developer, Strong skills in desktop development, mobile and web development. Experiences as a team leader and database manager.

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Maina Abari
Master in Telecommunication
Network Engineering

School Director
Strong skills in Java, Php, C#, Python, and Android Studio. Experience in managing IT projects and teams of up to 25 people.

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