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Our Values

We aim to contribute to a more sustainable world.


Our purpose is to create a smarter, safer and sustainable world

We support people, customers and their businesses in mastering and shaping the digital transformation. Through innovative software power and inspiring and responsible action, we aim to create value-added solutions and inspire positive change in society. In doing so, we take a holistic view of people, technology, business and the environment.

Our goals are to inspire customers with our high-quality technologies, to offer satisfied employees a familial and dynamic environment, to open up educational opportunities for people and to create healthy workplaces. Demanding good working conditions throughout the entire value chain and climate neutrality in our own company are a matter of course for us.


Our work should be good for people, the environment and the local economy.


We want to inspire people.

We want to create new perspectives for customers, employees, families, suppliers, communities and other people within our company's sphere of influence.

We develop solutions that inspire customers. With state-of-the-art technologies, expertise and passion, we are committed to the entrepreneurial success of our customers.


Our goal is to create attractive workplaces in a familiar and at the same time dynamic environment. Our core values include taking responsibility, setting high ambitions and pushing boundaries. It also means being open to the ideas of colleagues and customers and making decisions that always have Gabera's best interests in mind. Our corporate culture emphasises sharing knowledge and skills, openness and trust, as well as living entrepreneurial spirit, diversity and variety.



We love our work

We can only achieve our goals, if our corporate culture is based on solid values. Our values include openness, transparency, trust, collegiality and teamwork.

Competent, capable and satisfied employees combined with experience and knowledge are the foundation for customer focus and productivity.


Reducing power consumption

Software company servers consume a lot of 

energy. If the Internet was a country, it would rank third in the world in terms of power consumption. Software companies therefore have a responsibility to reduce their environmental footprint. 


We produce our own solar power at our office in Niger. In Switzerland, we reduce our CO2 footprint wherever possible. 


Creating a place for diversity

Society needs more IT professionals, people who shape the digital transformation. 


Yet minorities and women are underrepresented in the tech industry. But digital skills are not only unfairly distributed between men and women, they also vary widely by age, education level, professional background, income and country of origin.


Diversity leads to significantly better business success. Numerous studies support the finding that companies with the greatest gender and cultural diversity achieve better results than homogeneous ones and yield significantly higher returns than their competitors.


We want to create an atmosphere that welcomes people with diverse backgrounds. This helps individual, the company's success, the tech industry as well as society.

Creating careerl perspectives and promoting diversity in the IT industry are matters close to our hearts.

At our "Fitchatchen Software Academy" in Niger, we train motivated talents to become IT specialists.

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