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Managing users in

heterogenous IT landscapes

Gabera’s IAM solution centralizes user access management across your enterprise and secures information access, while meeting data privacy requirements and maintaining audit-readiness and regulatory reporting.


Business challenges: Why is IAM so important?

Identity management is a significant challenge for organizations today. For a growing number of enterprises, internal users are accessing systems from various locations and from a variety of devices. 

Business must ensure that their users have the right access to a multitude of applications in a timely manner, and that the data is secure. Businesses have to balance complex and ever-changing regulatory, audit and compliance requirements with efforts to boost effectiveness through smarter business processes. 

In the global Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2021 and 2030 study from Protiviti and the NC State University ERM Initiative, “cyber threats” and “privacy/identity management and information security” were two of the top 10 risks for 2021 and 2030. 

What are the top 3 Benefits of a IAM Systems?

Manages access to applications

IAM solutions ensure that the right people have the right access to the right information. A comprehensive identity management solution covers the entire lifecycle of a user, from the on-boarding process of a new employee to the termination of an employment contract. Without a IAM system, the work required to provision and manage user access in a compliant and auditable way is labor intensive, repetitious, and error prone

Ensures compliance

Owing to their structure and charter, companies, in particular banks and financial institutes are subjected to various regulatory compliances such as GDPR. With the implementation of IAM solutions, companies are assured of achieving governance requirements such as assessing risks, enforcing policies, reducing frauds, and auditing compliance. Relying on IAM not only ensures compliance, but it also helps develop and maintain more secure systems and applications.

Drives efficiency and costs in complex system landscapes

The modern IAM speeds identity recognition and automates processes that currently require human supervision, thereby driving efficiency improvements.

For instance, the banks can speed-up customer onboarding by capturing biometric identity in the branch when initiating customer contact. For all subsequent branch interactions, these biometrics can be used to authenticate the customer without any effort.

Moreover, user self-service options reduce the help-desk burden while improving productivity and engagement.

Gabera's IAM solution

Gabera's IAM solution offers your business:


  • Centralized user access management across multiple and heterogenous IT systems in your business.

  • Streamlined provisioning of users into all third party applications and operating systems, file systems, and databases through a comprehensive connector framework. 

  • Rule-based as well as attribute-based assignments of business roles as well as rule-driven workflow and approval processes.

  • Integration of all applications, including Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Avaloq and 

  • Centralized reporting functionality to address the need for audit, compliance, and reporting.



Reduce high operational costs and risk and fulfill increasing compliance requirements

  • Secure and effective management of user access to heterogeneous applications.

    ​Increased productivity and lower costs due to effective provisioning of users and integration with your business processes​.

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Minimized risks of segregation-of-duties

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