Customized Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS)

.Autonomization in
production facilities

Gabera understands the complexities associated with managing a successful warehouse operation and can help you to and improve your competitive position.

Complexity of warehouse software

Inbound and outbound logistics are some of the most complex functions of running a warehouse with many literal moving pieces. Having an all-in-one solution lets you see what is happening across different functions of the warehouse in real-time such as inventory being received, orders being packed, shipments being labeled, and any other movement of goods.


Gabera's software solution DallaDalla

Gabera’s software solution DallaDalla is a customized solution for all processes in Logistics 4.0. DallaDalla plans, monitors and controls all processes from incoming goods to internal warehouse processes to outgoing goods. The software maps processes and workflows and visualizes the flow of processes. As a modular overall solution, DallaDalla offers efficiency, flexibility and easy integration into a wide variety of host systems. 



Features and Functions

  • Graphical State Machine for the visualization of processes and workflows

  • Defined workflow rules

  • Message Handling

  • Module Reporting Framework

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