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Empower citizens - shape policy: Innovation platform makes municipal administration digital, dynamic and interactive

ASP .NET CORE MVC, C#, Repository pattern, Entity framework Core, Postgree, Azure App service

Project details

MVP of a citizen sourcing online plattform for municipalities in Switzerland, 2022- 2204


Government, public sector



Technology used

C#, SQP, DallaDalla Development Platform

Context and Challenge

Drawing on years of expertise in citizen participation and innovation management (Citizensourcing), our client sought to bridge the divide between public engagement and political processes. Despite an existing prototype, integrating the client's wealth of experience into a cohesive web application proved elusive for other IT providers. Recognizing the need for a groundbreaking solution, our team crafted an interactive web application that encapsulates the client's deep insights from intensive project phases. This innovative platform empowers policymakers to tap into the collective intelligence of the public, fostering profound engagement and collaboration. Our initiative stands as a testament to closing the gap between politics and residents, setting new standards for meaningful civic interaction.



Drawing upon years of profound research and leveraging an existing prototype, we engineered an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology to cater to our client's specific requirements. Our web-application boasts a dynamic user management system, designed to effortlessly adapt to evolving organizational structures of the political body. Through a meticulously curated citizen participation process, we enable real-time updates on request and idea statuses. Additionally, our integrated evaluation framework enhances transparency, providing a clear pathway to solutions. This approach fosters a robust understanding between policymakers and citizens, redefining the landscape of civic engagement with sophistication and precision.



In developing the new web application, honoring and incorporating the client's rich research insights was paramount. To ensure seamless alignment with their vision, we maintained a consistent and iterative dialogue, meticulously crafting a comprehensive user story. Approval only followed after careful examination, revisions, and expansions, a testament to our commitment to precision. Throughout the implementation, regular client meetings were held, fostering transparency and securing their approval at every stage. Post-implementation, our engagement persists, facilitating ongoing collaboration to integrate new client insights and explore additional enhancements, ensuring a continuously refined and sophisticated digital solution.


Development and Design

Precision guided the implementation of our cutting-edge web application, meticulously aligned with the client's vision. Beyond intricate process mapping, the application boasts an open architecture, seamlessly integrating with vital municipal applications like Microsoft Office 365. Harnessing the power of APIs, our solution effortlessly extends its influence through social media channels, magnifying its impact. Crafted with the sophistication of social media giants, our design evokes instant user recognition and comfort. Elevating user engagement, the application features immersive virtual tutorials and explanations, setting a new standard for interactive user experiences.



Through our collaboration, our client achieved a unique milestone that eluded other IT providers: the precise realization of their customer requirements, rooted in comprehensive research findings. This top-tier implementation digitizes the citizen participation process in politics through a sophisticated web application. Designed with meticulous quality, the application's open development framework ensures seamless integration with third-party systems. Our next endeavor involves enhancing the system with a cutting-edge survey tool, empowering politicians to conduct real-time community sentiment analysis. This proactive approach aligns political actions precisely with residents' needs, effectively narrowing the gap between politics and the community, setting a new standard for civic engagement.


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